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The Rural Law Center is the only legal services program in New York State whose mission is to serve the legal needs of individuals and families living in the state’s 44 rural counties. We want this website to be useful and easy to access for everyone, especially for the people we serve, but also for our partners in the legal community and in human service agencies.

You can contact our legal staff  by calling our offices at 518-561-5460. You can also find specific legal information and guides by choosing the Legal Resources tab above. Please note that the legal resource materials on this site have been prepared for general information purposes only. The information on this site is not legal advice. Legal advice is dependent on the specific circumstances of each legal situation and we encourage you to consult an attorney with your specific legal issue.


Family Law

Help with custody and visitation, domestic violence, divorce, and adoptions.


Foreclosures, evictions, help buying and owning a home, Section 8 Housing, and homelessness.

Consumer Debt

Bankruptcy, consumer fraud, small claims court, and unfair collecting practices.
rural law center

The Rural Law Center:

  • Addressing the legal issues unique to low-income, rural New Yorkers.
  • Providing access to justice for youth and seniors in our 44 rural counties.
  • Undertaking educational programs for individuals and service providers.
  • Working on policy-based advocacy to influence rural impact legislation.
  • Acting as a facilitator in rural coalition building.

This communication is made available by the Rural Law Center of New York, Inc. as a public service and is issued to inform, not to advise.  No person should attempt to interpret or apply any law without the assistance of an attorney.  The opinions expressed in this communication are those of the authors and not of the Rural Law Center’s funding sources.

My siblings and I can’t thank you enough for assisting us in the estate process. After a year’s time we were able to close probate on Dad’s estate. We couldn’t have done it without your professionalism and guidance. Thank God there are people like you out there to help the less fortunate. We will be sending referrals your way!


Your expertise on so many subjects is truly appreciated and your willingness to share your knowledge is even more appreciated.


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