The Rural Law Center provides critical legal assistance for many serious problems facing low-income, rural individuals and families. We also develop replicable service models that address systemic issues identified in our work.
FAMILY LAW. The RLC provides assistance in custody, visitation, support, divorce and kinship. We also provide services for the self-represented, including assistance with petition completion, uncontested divorce clinics and counsel defendants in divorce actions who cannot afford an attorney.
CONSUMER DEBT. The RLC provides counseling and legal assistance for clients facing debt collection and victims of predatory lending. We also work with farm foreclosures and matters that affect the economic stability of small family farms.
HOUSING. In addition to assistance in landlord/tenant matters, the RLC is active in rural, homeless prevention efforts and access to affordable housing for working families.
RURAL SENIORS AND YOUTH. Consistently, the two rural population groups that are most at-risk are low-income senior citizens and youth. Facing isolation, an often harsh climate, and lack of opportunities, these groups' legal needs are given a special focus in Rural Law Center program work.









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