North Country Conflict Resolution Services (NCCRS)


NCCRS is a program of the Rural Law Center of New York, Inc. The organization is staffed by dispute resolution professionals and certified community volunteers, and is part of the statewide Community Dispute Resolution Centers Program administered by the New York State Unified Court System.

Service Area

The NCCRS dispute resolution centers provide conflict resolution services to residents of three Northern New York Counties. Our services are available Clinton County, Essex County and Hamilton County.

Program Services

The goal of NCCRS is to assist individuals and communities in northern New York to resolve disputes in a peaceful, non-adversarial setting. While the majority of disputes referred to the Centers are directed to mediation, we also provide additional conflict resolution services such as arbitration, facilitation and conciliation. In addition to the provision of direct conflict resolution services, NCCRS offers a broad range of trainings to individuals and groups. This program is funded primarily by the New York State Unified Court System. As a result, nearly all of NCCRS services are free, although some more complicated matters involve a nominal fee.

The Mediation Process

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process that works to resolve conflicts in an informal setting. In a mediation session, individual parties or groups work with a trained, third party, called a mediator. With the help of the mediator, the parties in conflict are given the opportunity to to articulate their issues and goals. Then, through a series of guided communications, they are able to work toward a constructive resolution. Mediators do not make decisions about the dispute. What is unique to the mediation process is that all decisions and solutions are made by the parties themselves.

Benefits of Mediation

  • Voluntary Process
  • Confidential
  • Impartial Mediators
  • Convenient Times and Locations
  • Affordable
  • Neutral Setting
  • All Points of View Heard
  • Mutually Agreeable Solutions
  • Saves Valuable Court Time

What To Expect in Mediation

Anyone who lives in the 3 county region can contact our Centers directly or be referred to us by the courts or agencies. Parties in conflict that contact us directly, come to their county Center and participate in a private and confidential mediation session. Parties that are referred to us by the courts, often participate in mediation sessions on-site, at the courts. Regardless of the location, all mediation sessions are guided by trained and skilled mediators. At the session, each party is given ample opportunity to voice opinions and the discussion is directed for the purpose of resolving differences. Although some disputes can be resolved in a shorter time, most mediation sessions last an hour or more. Once the issues are resolved, the terms are written in an agreement which is signed by the parties.

NCCRS Mediators

Mediators who volunteer their services to NCCRS are members of your own community and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. What they have in common is a strong commitment to resolving conflict in a civil and peaceful manner. All mediators have completed 30 hours of basic training in the principles and skills of mediation. Following this training, our volunteers must complete an apprenticeship and then receive certification. In addition, many NCCRS go on to complete advanced trainings which qualify them to mediate in specialized areas, such as Child Custody or Special Education matters.

Other Conflict Resolution Services

In addition to Community Mediation Services, NCCRS is able to provide service in the following areas:

  • Elder and Caregiver Mediations
  • Custody/Visitation and Modifications
  • Special Education
  • Lemon Law Arbitration
  • Attorney/Client Fee Dispute Arbitration
  • Group Facilitation
  • Conflict Management Workshops
  • Conflict Resolution Training

Contact Us at Rural Law Center Offices

  • Clinton County - 22 U.S. Oval, Suite 203/ Plattsburgh, NY 12903 Phone (518) 324-5144 Fax (518) 324-561-5468
  • Essex County - Town of North Elba-Town Hall, 2693 Main Street, Suite 204 Lake Placid, NY 12946 Phone (518) 523-0102 Fax (518) 523-0107
  • Hamilton County - Contact the Rural Law Center's Main Office: 22 US Oval, Suite 203/Plattsburgh, NY Phone (518) 561-5460 Fax (518) 561-5468


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