• Rural New York makes up 80.3% of the state's land mass.

  • Rural New York's population would make it the 26th largest state.  

  • Only 8% of the state's population live in rural New York.

  • Rural New York's average per capita income in 2016 was $18,767.

  •  Personal income for the rural New Yorker is 59% below that of his or her urban counterpart.

  • One out of 14 rural households has no access to a vehicle.

  • Public transportation is available in 27.2% of rural regions.

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, Merwin Institute, SENSES,  Rural Transit Assistance Program, USDA NYS Facts, Federal Reserve Bank of New York.




  • Access to the Judicial System.

  • Community Legal Education.

  • Community Economic Development/Micro-Enterprise Support.

  • Safe, Reliable Transportation.

  • Adequate and Affordable Housing.

  • Health Care/Child Care.

  • Community Partnerships for Holistic Advocacy.


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