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Rural Senior Workshops

In collaboration with individual, rural county Offices for the Aging, Senior Nutrition Sites and Albany Law School, the Rural Law Center travels to different locations statewide and provides free workshops and pro-se clinics for low income seniors.  At rural community centers and nutrition sites, seniors are presented a "consumer friendly" seminar on critical legal issues.  The Center provides material and forms and ends with a pro-se clinic for those attending.

The Center continues providing trainings directed at seniors, their loved ones, caregivers, and service providers. These free workshops are designed to assist seniors as they face an ever-changing variety of challenges and concerns.  In addition to critical issues, such as nutrition, affordable housing and reliable transportation, the elderly also must address their changing legal needs.  To offer advice and assistance directly to seniors and their caregivers, the RLC travels across the rural regions of the state providing free workshops.  Participants are provided with materials and guidance about the legal issues they have in the areas of health and estate planning.  Registrants have the opportunity to pose specific questions.  One participant's comment was: "When my mother went into the nursing home, the county made me sell her house.  It broke her heart.  Since my husband has passed away, I want to thank you for helping me to plan so it will not have to happen to my children."

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